Flavia Freidenberg, Investigadora Titular del Instituto de Iberoamérica, publica un nuevo artículo en la revista Latin American Politics and Society

Flavia Freidenberg, Investigadora Titular del Instituto de Iberoamérica y profesora de Ciencia Política y de la Administración de la USAL, publica los resultados de su investigación junto a Andrés Malamud, Investigador Auxiliar del Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Profesor Visitante del Instituto, en un artículo titulado "Politólogos on the Run: Contrasting Paths to Internationalization of Southern Cone Political Scientist" que apareció en la revista Latin American Politics and Society. Actualmente, el artículo está disponible en versión electrónica y será publicado próximamente en formato papel.

Abstract: Political scientists from the Southern Cone have enriched the discipline with pioneering work. Many of them went into exile for political reasons, and thus produced part of their work abroad. Although Latin American political science has professionalized since the 1980s, many scholars still emigrate for study and employment. Argentines most numerously seek academic careers abroad, while Brazil has many more domestic doctorates and returns home after doctoral studies abroad. Uruguayans emigrate in proportionally high numbers and tend to settle in Latin American countries, while the number of Chileans and Paraguayans abroad is minimal. These contrasting patterns are explained by reference to factors such as the availability of high-quality doctoral courses, financing for postgraduate studies, and the absorptive capacity of national academic markets. Paradoxically, the size and performance of the diasporas may increase rather than reduce the visibility and impact of national political science communities.