Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro disertó sobre el papel del clientelismo en la política local en Argentina

Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, profesora de Ciencia Política de la Universidad de Brown, que actualmente está realizando una estancia sabática en el Instituto Juan March en Madrid, impartió hoy una conferencia titulada "What Wins Votes: Why Some Politicians Opt Out of Clientelism" en el Instituto de Iberoamérica. Presentó la conferencia el Miguel De Luca, profesor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires e Investigador Visitante en el Instituto de Iberoamérica. 

Ficha curricular: Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro is the Stanley J. Bernstein Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at Brown University. She received her Ph.D. with distinction from Columbia University in May, 2008. Her research interests include comparative political institutions, political behavior, federalism and decentralization, and the political economy of development, with a focus on Latin America. She is currently completing a book on clientelism and social policy in Argentine municipalities. She is also working on a collaborative project that examines citizen attitudes towards corruption in Brazil. She has published or forthcoming articles in the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Comparative Politics, the Latin American Research Review, and Latin American Politics and Society.