Nuevo Documento de Trabajo sobre «Transparency and Legislative Behavior» realizado por John M. Carey [DT#12]

El Instituto de Iberoamérica publica un nuevo Documento de Trabajo titulado “Transparency & Legislative Behavior”, realizado por John M. Carey, profesor de Ciencia Política de Dartmouth College [DT #12].
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John M. Carey teaches and does research on comparative politics. He received a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, San Diego, in 1994. Before coming to Dartmouth, he taught at the Universidad Católica de Chile, the University of Rochester, Washington University in St. Louis, and at Harvard. He has also taught at the Fundación Juan March in Madrid, Spain. He specializes in the study of constitutions, legislatures, elections, and Latin American politics. He has published the following books: Presidents and Assemblies: Constitutional Design and Electoral Dynamics (1992), Term Limits and Legislative Representation (1996), Executive Decree Authority (1998), Term Limits in the State Legislatures (2000), Legislative Voting & Accountability (2009), as well as lots of academic journal articles, book chapters, and assorted commentaries. Lately, prof. Carey is particularly interested in the design of new democratic institutions in Arab Spring countries and throughout the Middle East. He has done consulting and some research on these issues in Afghanistan, Jordan, Tunisia, Yemen, and South Sudan.